Moodle Map


One of our Learning Activities (assignments) this week was to draw a map of our learning platform called Moodle. Our tutors encouraged us to “think outside of the box” and be creative, whilst creating an easily understandable map.

When I first started brainstorming around what my concept would be, I was visiting some different ideas. First I did the classic mind map, but I feel like that is something that is often used and not so creative, so I scratched that. I then pictured a kitchen with an island in the middle as the Moodle home/my page, surrounded by drawers/cabinets with the different categories/subcategories. I felt that it was a little bit messy, and so I thought about “home”; what does that mean? I then had the idea to draw a house with several doors leading into the house, also with doormats as the subcategories. I think it turned out clean and simple, even if my drawing skills in drawing a house clearly needs some more math put into it 😉

So here is my Moodle Map:


Thanks for reading!

Marie x

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