LA week 3 – Sketching Techniques


This week’s learning activity was as follows:

You are briefed to do an illustration for fruit juice packaging (orange and banana flavour). The name of the product is: Loose Juice.

  • Draw at least 15 scamps (they can be A6 size each) of what the label will look like. Remember to include the fruit, the name of the flavour and the name of the product.
  • Choose one of your sketches and draw the label, using Adobe Illustrator. The artwork can be A6 (landscape or portrait).


As I was really sick with the flu last week and parts of this week, I was behind on my assignments. The most challenging thing about this learning activity was to learn Adobe Illustrator, which I have never used before. I followed an online tutorial on, but I still struggled to finish this LA in time. My design is not perfect, nor is it really the style of which I would convey, but it was the best I could do – for now. I’m definitely going to be using all of my spare time to really get to know Adobe Illustrator, as I’d like to develop my own style and really do what I’d like to do without the lack of technical knowledge getting in the way.

Here are my 15 scamps:





I ended up with illustrating my first scamp, as I really liked the idea of a “globe”. The banana acts as the degree finder, and I thought it would be fun to incorporate the two fruit elements in this way. As you can see, it is far from perfect, but I am happy I was able to create something at least. Here is my final illustration:

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 23.55.34

Thanks for reading!

Marie x

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