Learning activity – Creating a logo using Gestalt Principles

In this assignment we were to do as follows:

  1. Look at the following 7-eleven logos and consider their shape, form and simplicity of design. The way they communicate and are recognizable.
    7-eleven logo
  2. Identify. In your own words explain what you consider 7-Eleven’s individual Gestalt principle to be. Describe the logo and put it into its own category. 
  3. Pick any 3 gestalt principles and recreate 3 versions of the 7-Eleven logo according to your chosen principle. Be creative and innovative with how you do it. Sketch, plan, do it by hand before digitally creating your favourite in a vector format.
  4. You entire process including sketches and research need to be loaded on your blog as part of this learning activity. 


1: In the 7-eleven logo we can identify 4 colors – red, green, orange and white ( white used as a border in the first example of their logo). Their logo has become widely known and is easily recognisable.  The logo is simple, but impactful and striking. By sizing the number 7 bigger, even being in the background of “eleven”, makes your eyes drawn to it first, and making you read “7-eleven” as supposed to “eleven 7”. It is interesting how they chose to have only capital letters in the second logo, apart from the “n” at the end. The “r” symbolises it’s trademark and makes you take the logo more seriously. You can also look at the white border in logo number one and recognise the shape of a cup. This to symbolise that they serve both hot and cold beverages.

2: I can recognise a couple Gestalt principles in the 7-eleven logo:

Closure: The number 7 consists of two different shapes that we perceive as the number 7.

Continuity: The way the number 7 in the second logo arcs to the right leads the eye to “eleven”.

Similarity: The number 7 consists of two rectangles, one of them arched to the right.

3. Here are my 3 sketches:



I chose to go for number one, symmetry as my vector logo:

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 12.18.48.png

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